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15 January 2020

Realistically, nothing new has been added to the site unless you count the fact that the update pages have been updated to take into account that we have started 2020. Plus, of course, we have a new one-liner joke. But that's it, I'm afraid... 

Miserable student quote: 'I was once arrested for stealing a rotisserie. I was grilled by the police but they could seer I was innocent.'

8 January 2020

Happy New Year and all that!

We're going to start with some old news (but not to us). 

Quizzes and exercises: On Thursday, 7 November 2019, Collins Dictionaries announced their shortlist for words of the year. Many of these words have even entered the lexicon of many other European languages. Apart from French, of course, as they've probably insisted on having their own, well, 'French' versions of these words. So I'm pretty sure you know what they mean, but just to check, I've given you THREE possible meanings of these words. So can you choose the best meanings to these new words?

Miserable student quote: 'I was having dinner with a chess champion. Unfortunately we had a checked tablecloth so it would take him an hour to pass me the salt.'


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