The blobfish cartoons


First, you should understand why I have a slight fascination with the blobfish.

First of all, Psychrolutes marcidus is a creature that can only be found in the deeper parts of the South Pacific. And back in 2013, it was also voted the world's ugliest animal.

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society was set up to raise awareness for endangered and, let's face it, not very attractive looking animals. And because they're ugly, the society says these creatures need more help.

The blobfish is like a giant blancmange or a lump of pink jelly. It's also quite big, but despite this, its gelatinous composition allows it to float in the water. Apart from that, we don't know that much about it; but its almost comical appearance makes it an easy draw and fun to put together a few cartoons, which I present to you in one, handy single section here.

And what's it got to do with TEE? Nothing, really...

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