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Cartoony Universe


With the Ignorances in English cartoons (almost) running every week, it's time to dedicate a section only to cartoons featured here in TEE, most of which are original to the site. As always.


Click on one of the links below to have a look at a particular cartoon or comic strip.


Cartoon scrapbook

Okay, I drew all these lovely pictures (and hand-coloured them too until I discovered the joys of a cheap but effective graphics tablet) but not all the cartoons made it to the book or even the website, so this is almost a dumping ground. For sure the publishers would almost certainly insisted that they be removed from anything they print...







Cartoonworld 1

Formerly known as the rather uninteresting and therefore very boring Cartoon one-offs, it has now been renamed the only slightly more interesting CartoonWorld. These are the (mostly) single-panel cartoons that either feature in the book or in other sections of the website, or in some cases, unpublished because I didn't think they were good enough...

Cartoonworld 2

As Cartoonworld 1, simply because we have more cartoons to add and the first page was getting a little full...







Doctor Dot Fullstop's Ignorances in English

A series of one-panel cartoons to 'explain' some interesting grammar terms.









Cartoon strips

Nice little cartoon strips. What more can one say? So far, we have Doctor Dot Fullstop and life from a dog's point of view, and a strip about a long piece of bread.

Doctor Dot Fullstop

Dog greeting etiquette

Pierre the Frenchman and his Amazing Fresh Baguette




Illustrated idioms

A collection of cartoons published on the home page and on FACEBOOK of typical English idioms. But taken literally!

The Blobfish page

These poor creatures - which are real, by the way - get a little bit of a bad press because they're ugly, but they're also the mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

Mobile and smartphones

Whether it's the user or the phone it doesn't matter. Well, I think they're funny!

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