Polish False Friends

FALSE FRIEND No, not a friend that isn't real. This is a section on grammar. A false friend is a word that looks and sounds similar in another language but has a different meaning. For example, a baton in English can be a music conductor’s stick, or a stick passed from one runner to the next in a race. In the Polish language, however, it means a chocolate bar or a long piece of bread. Perhaps in other languages it may be even more interesting...

(From Not4GrammarBores)

And here, we slightly twist the false friend concept in that the words you see are spelt EXACTLY the same, but have two completely different meanings in both English and Polish.

When I completed the fourth page, I seriously thought, 'that was it', but quite quickly a fifth page load came up. And because there are now five pages, I've decided to collect them all here as a separate index.

So click on a set of Polish false friends and have fun what these words really mean in English...

Polish False Friends 1

Polish False Friends 2

Polish False Friends 3

Polish False Friends 4

Polish False Friends 5

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