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The Polish false friends quiz: 3



The words below all look like normal words in Polish (and probably in some other languages), but they also look like perfectly normal words in English! 


The problem is that these words have completely different meanings. 


Match the 10 correct words to the correct English definitions (listed below).



       bum                       fart                      knot                 rower                   slimy


       dam                       grunt                   nil                    pet                        wanna

1. A very informal word which describes the part of the body that people sit on

2. An animal you keep at home and that gives you pleasure


3. A slightly impolite word that means to force air out of the body through the anus


4. A wall built across a river to stop the water flowing and make a lake 


5. What you get when you pass one end of a rope or string through a loop and pull it tight

6. Written English word for 'want a' (and 'want to') when it is pronounced informally

7. The word used in football matches instead of 'zero' or 'nought' 

8. To make a low, rough sound, like an animal, often used to express annoyance or no interest

9. A person who sits in a boat and makes it move by using long poles with a wide, flat blade at the end

10. Something that you touch, and it feels thick, wet and unpleasant




(For non-Polish speakers: if you are unsure what these words actually mean in Polish, these can also be found in the key to answers, which you can read below if you scroll down the page a bit...)

And here are the answers to the false friends quiz (3):

bum: You know, I've been sitting in this horrible chair all day! My bum hurts!

dam:  We need to build a dam to stop the river flooding the area every year.

fart:  What a smell! Did you just fart?

grunt: When he was told to clean the bathroom, he just gave a grunt.

knot: You can't take off your shoes? I see the laces have been tied in a very tight knot.

nil: Leicester City three, Manchester United nil. So Manchester United haven't scored any goals in the last three matches.

rower: We need some good, strong rowers if we want to win this boat race.

pet:  Some hotels do not accept pets because they don't like dogs, cats, and other animals you keep at home. 

slimy: Some people think snakes are slimy when you touch them, but they're actually very smooth.
wanna: It’s boring! I wanna go home! I wanna Ice Cream!


And what are these same words in Polish?

bum: Boom – sound of an explosion

dam:  First person form of the verb give

fart:  Lucky

grunt: Soil, land

knot: The wick of a candle

nil: The River Nile

rower: Bicycle

pet:  Cigarette end

slimy: A packet of thinner and longer cigarettes
wanna: Bath or bathtub


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