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The Polish false friends quiz: 2



The words below all look like normal words in Polish (and probably in some other languages), but they also look like perfectly normal words in English! 


The problem is that these words have completely different meanings. 


Match the 10 correct words to the correct English definitions (listed below).



       bat                       data                   jest                       prom                   sos


       but                       folia                   pens                     rude                     wart



1. Information to be studied and analysed, particularly if it is facts and figures


2. To act in an impolite way by saying not nice things to them


3. A small bump that grows under the skin as a result of some kind of skin infection


4. A word used to introduce something that contrasts with what has just been said


5. An international code signal of extreme distress, used especially by ships at sea; urgent appeal for help


6. Something you say that is intended to be amusing


7. A piece of wood used for hitting a ball; a small flying animal that looks like a mouse


8. Writing tools that contain ink


9. The road by the sea where people walk; a formal dance at a school


10. Thin, leaflike structures that occur particularly in metamorphic rocks




Scroll down for the answers...

And here are the answers to the false friends quiz (2):

bat: Cricket bats are made from the wood of a willow tree. Bats scare me when they fly around at night.

but:  I like Australia but it’s very hot in summer. 

data:  Have you got the data for last month’s sales figures? 

folia: Studying the folia of some volcanic rocks tells a lot about the activity in the Earth’s crust. 

jest: You shouldn’t jest when someone has emotional problems. 

pens: You can buy your pens and pencils from any shop that sells paper.

prom: I've been invited to the prom with David; There are beautiful views of the sea from the prom.

rude:  You mustn’t be rude and call your brother names. 

sos: They put out an SOS that they were on fire.
wart: It’s a very small operation to remove that wart from your finger. 


And what are these same words in Polish?

bat: A whip

but:  One boot, shoe 

data:  Date 

folia: Aluminium or plastic foil used to wrap food to keep it fresh

jest: is 

pens: Penny

prom: Ferry

rude:  Red - colour of hair 

sos: A liquid served with other food, and is also used to refer to meat gravy
wart: Worth

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