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The Polish false friends quiz: 1



The words below all look like normal words in Polish (and probably in some other languages), but they also look like perfectly normal words in English! 


The problem is that these words have completely different meanings. 


Match the 10 correct words to the correct English definitions (listed below).



       angina                    gnat                     mole                       pity                    tipsy


         brat                       herb                    most                       pod                     tort



1. A small flying insect that bites people and lives in water


2. A word that means ‘the majority of’


3. Plant leaves that are used for cooking to add extra taste

4. Being slightly drunk, the feeling you get after drinking a little too much alcohol

5. A small animal that lives underground

6. Severe pain in the chest and left arm that is caused by heart disease 

7. An adjective that describes something you do or fail to do which harms someone else and for which you can get into trouble for legally

8. When you feel very sorry for someone

9. A seed container that grows on plants which can contain beans or peas

10. A child that behaves badly or annoys you


And now scroll down for the answers....

And here are the answers to the false friends quiz (1):


angina: smoking is often the cause of angina, a severe pain in the chest and left arm that is caused by heart disease. 

brat: Her son is such a spoilt brat! He gets anything he wants!

gnat: He didn’t know if the red mark on his skin that he had been scratching was caused by a mosquito or a gnat. 

herb: herbs add a lot of flavour to the meat. 

mole: How do I get rid of the moles from my garden? It’s covered with molehills. 

most: Most people like the seaside. 

pity: I really pity him for the problems he has got into.

pod: You can get peas fresh from the pod.

tipsy: She’s only had half a litre of beer but she already looks a little tipsy. 
tort: Tort law is different to criminal law as it means an illegal act that is not intentional.


And what are these same words in Polish?

angina (a sore throat): 
brat (brother);

gnat (bone); 

herb (coat of arms/emblem); 
mole (clothes moth); 
most (bridge); 
pity (more than one tax document)
pod (under);
tipsy (a service for manicuring and decorating fingernails);
tort (a cream cake or layer cake).

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