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How well do you know your public holidays and festivals in the United States? In the second of four parts (two on the UK and two on the USA), see how many you can get. If you're a native speaker, this is so-so easy! (although if you're British, I think this is quite difficult.) But the subject is one of those chosen by various educational authorities in Poland as a test in the English language...

For a word version of this quiz, click here.

1. Epiphany is celebrated on ?

a) The fourth Wednesday after Easter   

b) Twelve days after Christmas Day

c) Shrove Tuesday                       

d) The first Sunday of Advent


2. What date in May marks the formal celebration of the Allies’ victory in Europe during World War II?

a) May 1          

b) May 8          

c) May 11        

d) May 25


3. What holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November (and is followed by Black Friday?)

a) Groundhog Day        

b) Mardi Gras  

c) Washington’s birthday                          

d) Thanksgiving


4. When is Palm Sunday?

a) The Sunday two weeks before Easter

b) The Sunday before Easter                    

c) The first Sunday after Easter

d) The first Sunday of March


5. What is the name of the civil rights’ leader who is celebrated with a federal holiday in January?

a) Martin Luther King Jr              

b) Shemini Atzeret        

c) Yom Kippur 

d) Donald Trump


6. The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November is what?

a) Thanksgiving             

b) Veterans Day            

c) Election Day              

d) Children’s Day


 7. Labor Day is a day that celebrates people who work in the US. When is Labor Day?

a) May 1

b) The first Monday in May

c) The first Monday in September

d) August 31


8. Which US president officially proclaimed Mother’s Day a national holiday in 1914?

a) Woodrow Wilson

b) Calvin Coolidge

c) Herbert Hoover

d) Franklin D. Roosevelt


9. What animal is recognised as a symbol of a possible longer winter in February?

a) Raccoon

b) Groundhog

c) Squirrel

d) Beaver


10. What day is also known as Shrove Tuesday?

a) Mardi Gras

b) Passover

c) Cinco de Mayo

d) Hanukkah


11. What occasion in November, also celebrated in India, is also known as the ‘festival of lights’?

a) Bonfire Night

b) Halloween

c) Diwali

d) New Years’ Eve


12. Which of these events in the US is also formally celebrated in Ireland?

a) Independence Day

b) Groundhog Day

c) Labor Day

d) St. Patrick’s Day

Answers to all the quizzes can be found here.

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