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How well do you know your public holidays and festivals in the UK? In the first of four parts (two on the UK and two on the USA), see how many you can get. If you're a native speaker, this is so-so easy! But the subject is one of those chosen by various educational authorities in Poland as a test in the English language...

For a word version of this quiz, click here.

1. On what day do they make pancakes in the UK?

a) Shrove Tuesday        

b) Shrove Wednesday  

c) Shrove Thursday                      

d) Shrove Friday


2. What is the name of the day that is after Christmas Day?

a) Christmas Eve           

b) Boxing Day                

c) Three Kings Day        

d) Epiphany


3. On which day do the British set off fireworks and have bonfires?

a) 31 December            

b) Ash Wednesday        

c) 5 November                             

d) 25 January


4. One night is celebrated in Scotland to remember the life of a famous writer. What is this night called?

a) Braveheart Night     

b) Shakespeare Night                  

c) Dickens Night                           

d) Burns Night


5. On which day would you give someone you like very much a special card?

a) Easter Sunday           

b) Valentine’s Day        

c) Thanksgiving day      

d) Sunday


6. What do people traditionally do at Halloween?

a) Give each other gifts              

b) Eat sweets  

c) Dress up in scary costumes   

d) Eat turkey

7. What do people usually do on the first day of the fourth month of the year?

a) Play tricks and jokes on people

b) Go out with water pistols

c) Eat pancakes

d) Celebrate Easter


8. Which saint is remembered on March 17th?

a) St. Valentine

b) St. George

c) St. Burns

d) St. Patrick


9. On which Sunday do people say ‘thank you’ to their mums?

a) One Sunday between 2 March and 3 April

b) Easter Sunday

c) Boxing Day Sunday

d) The fourth Sunday in November


10. What day do the British usually give each other chocolate eggs?

a) Good Friday

b) Easter Sunday

c) Easter Monday

d) The fourth Sunday after Easter


11. On which day at Christmas do British people traditionally give each other presents?

a) Christmas Eve

b) Christmas Day

c) 26 December

d) Three Kings’ Day


12. When the clock strikes midnight on December 31 and the New Year begins, what song is traditionally sung?

a) Last Christmas

b) God Save the Queen

c) Happy New Year

d) Auld Lang Syne

Answers to all the quizzes can be found here.

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