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How well do you know your public holidays and festivals in the UK? In the third of four parts (two on the UK and two on the USA), see how many you can get. If you're a native speaker, this is fairly easy. But the subject is one of those chosen by various educational authorities in Poland as a test in the English language...

For a word version of this quiz, click here.

1. St. Patrick’s Day is a big occasion celebrated in which country in the UK?

a) Ireland         

b) Northern Ireland

c) Wales                         

d) All over the UK


2. What day of the week is traditionally a bank holiday on two days in May and one day in August?

a) Monday

b) Tuesday                      

c) Thursday     

d) Friday


3. On November 5, Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up which famous London landmark?

a) St. Paul’s Cathedral 

b) Buckingham Palace 

c) Big Ben                       

d) The Houses of Parliament


4. What is the first name of the Scottish poet who is celebrated on 25 January?

a) James          

b) Robert

c) Andrew                       

d) Hamish


5. How many days are public holidays over the Easter period in the UK (not including Sunday?)

a) None

b) One

c) Two

d) Three


6. On what day of the week is Mother’s Day celebrated on?

a) Friday

b) Saturday

c) Sunday

d) Whatever day the date falls on


7. Which of these holidays is NOT on a fixed date?

a) Mother’s Day

b) Boxing Day

c) Burns Night

d) April Fools Day


8. Why is December 26 called Boxing Day?

a) Many sports events happen, particularly boxing

b) Shops are open, and people are encouraged to buy boxes of sale items

c) Leftover food is traditionally place into boxes and distributed to charity

d) In the past, tradesmen would collect Christmas boxes of money and presents as thanks for good service


9. When is the traditional Christmas dinner served?

a) The evening of the 24th

b) Midnight on the 24th

c) The afternoon of the 25th

d) The evening of the 25th


10. And what is traditionally served at Christmas dinner?

a) Beef

b) Carp

c) Chicken

d) Turkey


11. Some people use the leftover vegetables from the Christmas dinner, along with the chopped meat, to eat on the day after Christmas Day. What is this dish called?

a) Snap, crackle and pop

b) Bubble and Squeak

c) Pinky and perky

d) Lippy and Messy


12. On what day are there races where competitors have to throw cooked food from a pan into the air and it lands back in the pan, and is made of flour, eggs and milk?

a) Easter Monday

b) Valentine’s Day

c) Fat Thursday

d) Shrove Tuesday

Answers to all the quizzes can be found here.

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