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From passive to active


Below are twenty sentences that have been written in the passive. (Or, if you completed the exercise turning sentences from the active into the passive, then here are the answers!) 

Your job is to turn these sentences into the active. (There may be more than one possible answer.)


1. The meeting was cancelled because of a lot of snow.

2. The bathroom is cleaned every day.

3. I was told that a new supermarket was going to be built.

4. How is wine made?

5. The meeting has been delayed.

6. The bathroom is being used.

7. The number of tickets available to buy for the concerts has been increased.

8. When we arrived, we found that the gates had been closed.

9. I didn't know that we were being watched.

10. The documents I needed were not given.

11. I was not given any money.

12. The timetable should have been reorganised.

13. Have you been shown how to use the photocopier?

14. Butter is made from milk.

15. The book was translated into French by the publisher.

16. The reversible microwave was invented by Mr. Smith.

17. Fifty people are going to be made redundant by the TEE organisation.

18. The company is owned by a much larger organisation.

19. My car has been stolen!

20. I noticed that my desk had been moved in the office.

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