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Are you a good English Student - the scores



For each answer you have chosen in the questions, below are the points given for each chosen answer:


1.   a)3    b)4    c)2    d)1    e)0

2.   a)4    b)4    c)3    d)2    e)1    f)1    g)1    h)0

3.   a)4    b)3    c)2    d)1    e)1    f)1    g)0   h)0

4.   a)4    b)1    c)4    d)0

5.   a)1    b)0    c)4      d)1  e)0

6.   a)0    b)1    c)3    d)4

7.   a)4    b)3    c)1    d)0    e)0

8.   a)4    b)4    c)1    d)0    e)0 

9.   a)4    b)3    c)2    d)1    e)0

10.   a)3    b)4    c)3    d)0    e)1    f)2


Now add up the points for your total score and find out what kind of English language student you are!

Now scroll down the text for your score and what it mean to you as an student studying English as a second language. Here we go...


Well done! You are a model English student. You are very keen on learning the language, you are happy to do your homework and work on everything your teacher gives you. You make sure that you are able to access all the dictionaries and grammar books that you require, and you are able to practise your English regularly with maybe friends, colleagues, or even with somebody in the family. There are many opportunities waiting for you out there. Take them and enjoy yourself and a whole new world given to you by a second language!


You are a good student. You find time to help yourself with your studies, you do your homework, you enjoy your English, but it is one of many things you like to enjoy. Maybe it is something you like to do simply for personal enjoyment, but you do not make it an obsession. If you want to be even better, find some time to listen to some English radio, watch a BBC channel in the English language, and take your time. Well done! You are a model English student.


Okay, you do want to study English, but perhaps you are not giving yourself enough time or enthusiasm to learn. Do your homework a little more often; find someone to practise with, and get yourself one or two more books to help you to learn.

If you are serious about learning, then you should think about it more than you usually do. If work is paying for your lessons, you should at least tell them - gently, of course - that while you appreciate them allowing you the time to attend classes, they really should not be calling you on your mobile phone in the middle of a lesson.

10 and below

Oh dear. Sorry, I am afraid you are a bad student. Bad, bad student. Very naughty student!

I am surprised you can even read this. You do not use the language, you do little or no homework, you do not practise, and you watch all your movies in your native language. There is a very good chance that the English lessons you currently attend are your only exposure to the language. So why are you here for English lessons? Do you really want to learn English or are you under pressure from work or family to learn? Maybe your school or your teacher is not very good?

If you can not find time to practise your English outside of lesson time because you believe you are too busy, then you should really think again about the reasons why you are taking lessons. You need to ask yourself: Am I wasting the time of both myself and the teacher?

Do you need more help? Click below for my top 15 tips to be a better student!

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