Are you a good English Student - question 1


What do you do before you come to your English lessons?


a) I revise everything that was done in the last lesson
b) Answer A, and also I look ahead in the students’ book to see what is coming up, and prepare for that
c) I have a quick glance at the book to get myself mentally prepared
d) I do the homework the teacher gave me in the last lesson
e) Nothing. I just turn up

Are you a good English Student - question 2


Your teacher has just given you some homework. When will you do this?


a) As soon as I get back home 
b) This evening
c) Tomorrow
d) The next day
e) Or maybe the day after
f) When I feel like it
g) Just before I go to my next lesson
h) I’m too busy to do homework

Are you a good English Student - question 3


How much time do you give yourself every day to practise your English, either by reading, writing, or listening?

a) More than an hour every day
b) Less than an hour, but more than 30 minutes
c) Between 30 and 15 minutes
d) Less than 15 minutes
e) About one hour in total every week
f) Less than 30 minutes every week
g) Very rarely
h) None. I’m too busy


Are you a good English Student - question 4


Because of being ill or taking a holiday, you have had to miss a lesson with your group. What will you do?

a) Find out what I have missed and then try to do some self-study at home from my coursebooks
b) Nothing. I will find out what I have to do when I get there
c) I’m a private student, but I will do some self-study at home of the material already covered so I don’t forget
d) I’ve been too busy so I just don’t have time to check up or find out or practise

Are you a good English Student - question 5


There is a break in the lesson where the teacher is either preparing something on the white board or there is a break for teas/coffee. What will you do in that time?

a) Say nothing
b) Talk to your fellow students, but in your native language
c) Talk to your fellow students, but in English
d) Talk to your fellow students, but in another language
e) Catch up on your emails and text messages and company business on your mobile, laptop/notebook, tablet or any other electronic device

Are you a good English Student - question 6


You know someone – it could be a friend or a member of your family – that can speak English at a reasonable level, or perhaps they are at the same level as you, or they may even be students. You meet up. It’s a chance to practise. What will you do?

a) We will speak our native language the whole time. After all, this is my friend or family
b) We will speak our native language  with just a little time set aside to practise our English and see how funny we each sound
c) We will both find some time to practise English with each other
d) We will only speak English (with our native language occasionally)

Are you a good English Student - question 7


You are going to rent an English language DVD. How will you set it up for viewing? 

a) No special settings. I will just watch the film in English
b) I will watch the film in English and with English subtitles to help me learn the language
c) I will watch the film in English but with native language subtitles
d) If full dubbing is available, I will use that setting, and no subtitles
e) I will switch on the Lektor (or speaker) (This option is for students in Russia or Poland)

Are you a good English Student - question 8



You are having an English lesson. Your mobile phone rings with a call or a message. What will you do?

a) Nothing. Ignore it, and check it when you are ready to do so
b) Tell yourself to check who or what it is as soon as the lesson is finished 
c) Take out the phone and look to see who called/sent the message, but not respond until later 
d) Stand up, say I’m sorry, and leave the classroom to take the message 
e) Say I’m sorry, and answer the phone, in the classroom. It’s your private lesson 


Are you a good English Student - question 9



You have just finished your English lesson. When will be the next time you will use English?

a) Immediately after the lesson. I have to use English at work or at home
b) Later in the day, as I will have to at least do my homework
c) The next day
d) Or maybe the next
e) My next English lesson

Are you a good English Student - question 10



What is your opinion of English?

a) It is the international language of business and therefore it is important to learn
b) It is an international language which makes it easier for me to travel anywhere
c) It is a very useful skill to have, and it is seen as increasingly important as a qualification
d) It is like a disease that is slowly infecting all languages and threatening to wipe out others
e) I am not enjoying it because I am being forced to take English lessons either by my company or someone else
f) Absolutely no opinion at all

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