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Codeword Quote puzzles

These are puzzles based on the Puzzler magazine's cryptograms, but I'm assuming they have copyright on that name so I've had to call them something else.


These are puzzles in which you have to break a code to work out a quotation. (As this is is on a website that deals with the English language, all the quotes are about the language itself.) Each letter is represented either by a different letter, but the same letter all the way, so if, for example, the letter F represents the letter B, then that letter (F) will always be the letter B.


I plan to add a few more to this section, so if you'd like to play, either click on the links below or their PDF equivalents if you want to use a pen.

Codeword quote 1 / PDF version

Codeword quote 2 / PDF version

Codeword quote 3 / PDF version



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