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Codeword Quote 2

Can you work out this quotation about the English language? (mobile phone users may not be able to see this image properly).

Each letter has been replaced with another letter and always with the same letter. So, for example, the new letter 'X' is always represented by the letter 'E', 'V' becomes the letter 'S', and so on. 

This time, we've only given you ONE letter to get you started, but it's not really any help because this letter only occurs once in the whole puzzle, and then it’s in the panel that tells you who made the quotation (it’s a Spanish musician). So here are some extra clues:

- Single letter words will either be an I or an A.
- A word of 5 or more letters with G as the final letter probably ends ING.
- There are no J's, K’s, P’s, X’s and Z's.


BUT the BIG CLUE: One of these words is the word ENGLISH.


The last panels below will tell you who gave the quotation. In this case, it's a Spanish musician.

Click here for a PDF version to print out.

Would you like the answers? These will be revealed soon on the site's Facebook page, but if you're in a hunting mood, there's a secret page somewhere in this site with the answer...

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