Are you a good English student?

Ask yourself this important question. 

Think about these points:


Do I do my homework every day?

Do I practise my English regularly or do I never have time?

Do I take extra lessons or prefer to watch TV programmes and movies in my native language?

Am I REALLY a good student?


Complete the following questionnaire. Choose only one answer from each question and make a note of your answer. At the end, you will be awarded points for every answer you choose.



The following topic will be uncomfortable for many students. Some of the questions will ask them to give answers about their studying and learning habits that they might feel would embarrass them in front of their colleagues or classmates. Please make the students aware of this, and if unsure on either side, avoid this subject.


Many of the questions in this topic will ask you to give answers about your studying and learning habits that you might feel uncomfortable with, particularly if you are doing this with someone else. If you are unsure, then do this exercise on your own.


So if you are happy with the warnings and are ready to find out exactly how you rate as a hard-working enthusiastic student of the English language, then please begin! (If not, click on GET ME OUT to avoid!)


If you would like some advice on learning English, then please go to my list of top 15 tips on learning English!

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