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25 February 2024

Hello! Long time nothing new! Well, this will seem like a big update, but there are two new words to add to the Not4grammarbores glossary - we have orthographic symbols and graphemes.


My relationship with my mum is like the evolution of payment technology – we went from physical contact to electronic only, then it was contactless.

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What is 



It's for the student of English as a second language (particularly if you are Polish).

 If you would like the book, then click here to order TYPICAL ERRORS IN ENGLISH.

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the author's website: 


Hello and welcome if you are visiting this website for the first time. This is the official website of the book - Typical Errors in English. 

It is a collection of English language mistakes (usually) made by students studying English as a second language. And even by the occasional native speaker. Often there are no easy explanations as to why they are errors (and the fact native speakers often do the same thing), but TEE will tell you, often in an unconventional and fun way.

As well as some examples of errors that are both new and from the book, there are also several other features you will find only here on this site. We have quizzes, extra articles, your questions, grammar queries, cartoons, and links to other useful sites. 

Like the book, the site does not want to be too serious - after all, English grammar can be a very dull and boring subject, and we want to make it fun with some additional cartoons, jokes and generally funny comments. 

As regards the book, well, you could shout at your bookshop for not stocking this, but you could get your bookshop to order it, or you can also order it online from many bookshops - the links page mentions some of them. But you can also CLICK HERE FOR A TWENTY-PAGE FREE SAMPLER TO DOWNLOAD!


Well, where have you been? Check the updates page.


Please do tell all your friends and colleagues know about this site and about the book. Get them all to like the official Facebook page so we can then tell the world that grammar does not have to be so serious! Should you wish to write in to me about the site, then the official address is You can find more details about writing here. And do click the blue icon above to like and/or comment on us!

The small print (something written because it is possible that TEE might include unfavourable conditions which someone might not notice or understand and also because it's small)

While I make every effort to keep the information on Typical Errors in English accurate and up to date, I make no guarantees as to the validity of any information on this website, including that of any information or quotations taken from other sources that have been referenced in the site. Anyone acting on this information does so at their own risk and I can accept no liability or responsibility for the results. It’s just one of those things. Sorry.

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