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The Past Participle Crossword Puzzler!


past participle The form of the verb that is often described as ‘the third form’ (for example, drive is the first form, drove is the second form, and driven is the third). They are used either to express perfect tenses: I have written a report. I have bought a car, or the passive forms: Many reports are written in a hurry. The car has been bought. Some are also used as adjectives, e.g., A bought car. A carefully-written report.   (From Typical Errors in English, page 257)


So how much do you know your past participles, or your 'third form' of the verb?


Here is a crossword puzzle where all the clues are in the 'first form'. or the infinitive - you just have to give the answer in the 'third form', or the past participle.


To avoid using your marker pen on your monitor - come on, you were not thinking of doing that, were you? - a PDF of this puzzle is available to download here.


Have fun!
















































1. get

2. leave

3. make

4. show

6. drink

7. ride

8. see

9. hang

10. do

11. tear

12. cost

14. hide

15. sleep

16. wake

17. forget

18. bring

19. break

22. catch

23. steal

27. say

28. begin

32. swim


2. light

4. stand

5. fly

7. rise

13. choose

16. wear

18. be

20. write

21. take

23. speak

24. teach

25. think

26. sell

28. bite

29. eat

30. come

31. go

32. sing

33. ring

The Past Participle Crossword puzzler answers!


The answers are available to download on a PDF here, but here they are anyway...




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