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Now test yourself - from the official sampler to

Typical Errors in English!



Here are the answers to the quiz found at the back of the sampler:


1. A drop.

2. German.

3. It depends on the context or situation. My brother has a bigger house than me is OK in casual conversation. A bigger house than I is more formal, and would be too formal in casual conversation.

4d) Global Positioning System

5I am very excited about going to Spain. Barcelona is an exciting city. Life there is generally exciting, but my wife is not excited about flying there.

6a) I have little money.    d) I’ve got few plans about travelling to Greece.

7. Say as in e-mail, and i as in i-phone.

8. A channel.

9. Future perfect continuous (or future perfect progressive)

10. Yes you are. Now stop doing this and get to the shop or order online immediately. What? You've already got it? Oh. Sorry.

11. No, you cannot hit a student on the head if he says something funny.

12. Did you really get that question wrong? Oh dear, excuse me while I laugh. A-hahahaha. Ha ha ha ahahaha.

13. Were you seriously looking for the questions to answers 11 and 12 in the sampler?

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