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Prepositions risk

A great grammar game for four or more players!

You have to complete the sentences and write a preposition in the space. There are four prepositions to choose from. You have to decide which is the most likely and natural preposition, then you have to decide how certain you are that your answers are correct, and ‘risk’ points. 5 points if you don’t know or are 50% sure, 10 points if you are 75% sure, or 15 points if you are 100 per cent certain your answer is correct! But if you get the answer wrong in any way, the number of points you have risked on the answer will be taken away from your final score!

A pdf copy of the exercise for printing out (plus answers) is available here. 

1 The cat is __________ the sofa.  about/at/in/on

2 Oh, I can’t get you a hot drink. It looks like we’re ________ coffee. gone/not have/out of/under

3 Brian’s not here. He’s ___________ the dentist’s. at/gone/in/on

4 The keys are __________ the telephone. in/into/next to/onto

5 You can put your bag ____________ the chair and the small table. below/between/on top of/under

6 The apples are __________ the fridge. at/in/through/under

7 The computer will choose the numbers ___________ random. at/on/to/with

8 Don’t walk too close to the river. You might fall ___________ the water. above/into/on/under

9 The dog is __________ the curtains. above/behind/down/on

10 There is a ball in the middle of the road. Everyone is driving _________ it. around/below/on/through

11 The rug is __________ the fireplace. behind/in front of/onto/out of

12 The new houses built next to the river have no protection __________ flooding. about/from/to/with

13 You can sit __________ Fred. alongside/around/below/beside/

14 I said goodbye to her and then she walked _______ me. at/away from/next to/toward

15 The washing machine is __________ the dishwasher. behind/below/beside/on

16 Every morning I get _________ the bus to go to school. at/off/out/up

17 When we took a flight to Thailand, we flew ________ Frankfurt. around/into/from/out of

18 The plant is __________ the desk clock. after/at/behind/on

19 Your book’s not here. You must have left it ________ home. at/behind/go/in

20 There’s no need __________ me to be here today. You can do this ________ your own. for/in/on/to (Choose two different answers)

21 The TV remote control is __________ the sofa. above/after/down/onto

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