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What's the difference?


The word 'travel' can be used in several ways. It is featured in the TEE book, used in comparison to the words journey, trip and voyage. It generally means 'going from one place to another'. (See page 171.)

Here we are going add some more words with a similar meaning.

Excursion: These are particularly popular if the person is on holiday, so in addition to their own activities, they can arrange to go on a short trip that has been arranged by a person or organisation. This might be an excursion to see a museum, zoo, island or other destination. The whole excursion includes getting there and getting back and the whole trip should not be expected to take more than a day: Oh look, there's an excursion to the island of Formentera tomorrow. let's see if we can book that!

Flight: This is, quite simply, a journey on a plane. But you all knew that. Ryanair have recently cancelled a number of flights.

Crossing: This is a short journey across the sea, lake, river or any other area of water to get from one side to the other. That was a rough crossing across the English Channel from Dover to Calais! 

Drive: A journey by car. Let's go for a drive! It's a seven-hour drive to the seaside.

Ride: Almost the same as drive in that it includes a motor vehicle, but this can also include a bike or horse. It's a short ride by bike to the city centre. Nigel the horse is very good. Would you like to go on a ride?

Tour: This is a planned journey for someone who wishes to visit some places and either organises this for themselves or gets someone else or an organisation to do it. There's a tour of the city tomorrow - do you want to book that particular excursion?

Outing: Similar to excursion, but this is usually short and often involves seeing something local. The castle is a great place for an outing. There's a school outing tomorrow to the theatre.

Day trip: A trip for a day - getting from A to B, and back to A, all in one day! Let's go on a day trip to the seaside tomorrow - but we should start early to avoid the traffic

What's the difference?

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