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Christopher's Christmas list


Dear little Christopher is busy telling Santa what he wants for Christmas. You are Daddy, and you are watching and listening, sometimes smiling, sometimes feeling embarrassed. Later, you report to mummy what Christopher asked Santa. Using reported speech, can you tell Christopher's mum what he told Santa?


Scroll down the page for the answers.


Christopher told Santa that he wanted an XBOX ONE, he...

Christopher told Santa that he wanted an XBOX ONE. 

He told him that he would like a TOYSTORY DVD (the modal verbs might, could, would, should, ought to do not change in reported speech)

He told him that he didn't want a sweater as he got (or had got) one last year.

He told him that a toy car would be great.

He told him that a book on animals wasn't a good idea.

He told Santa that he saw (or had seen) him in another shop last week.

He told him that he could leave his presents next to his bed.

He told him that he didn’t enjoy (or had not enjoyed) going to his Uncle Edward’s house for Christmas dinner.

He told Santa that his dad (or I, if you are dad) told him that he would get him a new bike.

He told him that he didn't know if he wanted another board game for Christmas.

He told him that he would leave him a glass of wine when he arrived.

He told him that he wanted lots and lots of presents!

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