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The Ch-ch challenge wordsearch!

































For all of you who enjoy puzzles and puzzle books, here's the puzzle for you - what we call a WORDSEARCH.

Normally these puzzles would give you a list of words to make it easier for you to find them - and if you wish, you can print out a version of this puzzle with the words.


But we will not keep things so easy.


All the words in the puzzle have the letters CH in them. So for example, CHIC (already marked in the puzzle), CHEESE (not in the puzzle), STITCH, (not in the puzzle), and so on. The letters CH are always together. These words can be printed across (backwards or forwards), or up or down, or diagonally, but always in a straight line.


Then when you have found them, you have to match them with the correct IPA sound, which is /tʃ/ as in stitches, /ʃ/ (as in chic), and /k/ as in Bach, (the composer, and sorry, this is not in the puzzle either.) But CHARLIE is in there (I know, it is a name) and so is CHICAGO, so there is a little extra help.


For the puzzle without words, click here.

For the puzzle with the words, click here.

For the answers, click here. 

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