Translations 7


IRENA: Look! My hands are all red!

ANIA: You’ve been sitting out in the sun for too long and you didn’t put on any suncream! Your back and your front are red too! You should have least put on a blouse or teeshirt.


Now this one is quite interesting as it comes from Poland (and I suspect other Slavic languages too).

You certainly could have sunburnt hands, but I suspect they are talking about Irena’s arms.

Now the Polish language does have separate words for arms and legs. Ramię, when translated, means arm, shoulder or limb. Hand is translated to dłoń, which also means palm (of the hand). However, these are the more formal terms used to describe these parts of the limb, particularly in medicine.

The more informal word used is ręka, which translates as both hand and arm; often though, the word is directly translated in English to hand.

In English, the hand is the hand and the arm is the arm. So while Ania’s hands stand a good chance of being sunburnt, for sure her arms are very red too.

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