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Confusing words 4


My favourite newspaper is Newsweek.


Newsweek is a magazine, not a newspaper.


Newspapers are publications that are usually printed on large sheets of paper inside which you can find news and other information. They are usually printed on a kind of paper called newsprint, a fairly cheap, rough kind of paper.


Magazines are publications with a paper cover that is sometimes glossy and shiny. They are usually sold every week or month and contain articles, stories and photographs. Most are usually about one subject – e.g. cars, celebrities, movies and even news – usually choosing the items of news that have had the most interest, and often adding more information.


While a newspaper has to contain news that may have happened only hours before, Newsweek and other similar magazines are usually prepared a few days in advance. They are not usually printed on newsprint, so that makes them magazines.


Although for a short time Newsweek was only available on line, it became a print magazine once again in the United States and around the world, and there were even separate versions of the magazine that were printed for individual countries – Japan, Korea, Poland, Spain, and Turkey. It is also published in Arabic.

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