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The Super Set Saga of Sheep-Shaving Sam

This is the poem that features at the very start of Unit 7, and as well as reading, this is the one example where you can actually listen to my own attempt to read this particularly tricky poem.


So here is the poem, and at the bottom of the page, click the audio player to hear it.


Have fun!


Here’s a super set saga of sheep-shaving Sam,

Who’s been shaving sheep since he shaved sheep with his mam.

So Sam’s shaving sixteen chic sheep for the sheik,

Scheduled shaving some sheep in a ship in this week.

Suddenly Sam was surprised and so shocked with these sheep,

For some of the sheik’s sheep were sick in a heap.

So Sam the sheep-shaver sought Shaun Singh the Sikh,

In his shoe-shop serving champagne and sweets for the week.

He said, ‘Sikh Shaun Singh, I’ve sixteen sick chic sheep,

Not ship-shape to shave, but the sheik wants to keep

All the sheep on the ship sat on sheets for his shop

And he wishes I shave these sick sheep and not stop.

He has not seen the scene of these sixteen sick sheep,

So what should I do? Shut these sheep in a heap?”

Well, Sikh Shaun Singh sighed, sucked the side of his pen,

And said, with a smile, ‘Sheiks are such special men,

Surely chic sheep are special, all sixteen such creatures,

So here’s Sikh Shaun Singh’s sherbet, it has special features.

Six sucks saves each sheep, Sam, so please serve this right,

Shut the ship’s door and seal, then shave all through the night!’

Soon Sam served the sheep up with Sikh Shaun Singh’s treat,

And the scene soon seemed super! Sheep up on their feet!

So Sam shaved the ship’s sheep from sunset to morn


The sheik’s ship’s sixteen sick chic sheep had been shorn!

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The Saga of Sheep Shaving Sam - Roger Hartopp
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