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Quizzes and exercises: prepositions of place logic puzzle


Using the instructions below, can you complete the two grids with these 18 objects, starting with the boat?


You can download a copy of the puzzle here.




The eye is in front of the telephone.

The magnifying glass is in front of the spider.

The plate, knife and fork are next to the present.

The plane is opposite the cloud.

The spider is between the cloud and the bag of money.

The bed is behind the boat.

The letter is next to the eye.

The question mark is between the bicycle and the bed.

The flowers are between the tick (check) mark and the plane.

The sunglasses are opposite the bed.

The magnifying glass is between the sunglasses and the telephone.

The ear is in front of the sunglasses.

The bicycle is behind the present.


No peeking at the answers...



Because you can scroll down for them...


But try to do the puzzle on your own first!




Still have problems?


Or are you just checking your answers?




Here they are!

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